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Improving Board Effectiveness Through Digitalization – Case Kiilto

Kiilto is a growing, family-owned company, with over a hundred-year history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. Kiilto develops, produces and sells chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene, and consumer goods. Kiilto employs around 1000 innovative professionals, Kiiltonians, in 11 countries.

"We have some 30 boards at Kiilto companies, and before, board materials were sent by emails. Quite often it turned out that people didn't know what is the latest version", describes Arto Raivio, CFO of Kiilto. 

Kiilto chose ContractZen to improve their board work and ensure security. 

"Firstly, we wanted to ensure that all the board and annual general meeting documents are properly done, stored, and signed. Secondly, we wanted that all the board members would have the updated and the latest version of the materials so that it will improve the efficiency of the board work. And thirdly, we wanted to ensure the security itself."

Kiilto is very pleased with ContractZen's fast responding customer service and the fact that now all documents are securely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Overall bureaucracy has also decreased and processes are much more streamlined. 

"The board members can focus on their actual work instead of using their time and efforts searching for the documents here and there."

Raivio recommends ContractZen for all companies aiming to improve their board work.


 is a Finnish cloud technology company founded in 2014. The all-in-one SaaS solution includes metadata-driven contract management, all-digital meeting management, virtual data rooms (VDR), secure e-signatures, and more. The company has customers in over 30 countries and offices in Helsinki, Finland and Palo Alto, USA.