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Expert Review: Eric Barberio's Take on ContractZen

Eric_Barberio_150x150We had the pleasure of meeting Eric Barberio during our recent trip to San Francisco. As a distinguished executive with a strong background in management, consulting, and entrepreneurship, Eric is known for his expertise in compliance, corporate governance, and process improvement.

We invited him to evaluate our platform and share his insights. His valuable feedback is set to enhance our dedication to continuous improvement.

With over two decades of experience in management, consulting, and entrepreneurship, Eric Barberio has held senior leadership roles at companies such as Computershare, Paradigm, and Kemper. A respected voice in governance and risk, he has spoken at events including RIMS RiskTech and the University of Oxford's Meeting Minds on AI Governance and Risk Assessment. He also developed an executive compliance education program at Florida International University. His educational credentials include a Postgraduate Diploma from Oxford, an MBA, a BBA in Finance, a CMA certification, and a Certified Auditor of AI Systems designation. Currently, he offers advisory services in corporate governance and change management. 

Below, you'll find Eric’s review. We sincerely appreciate his time, energy and enthusiasm for corporate governance. Enjoy reading!

Background: Document Governance and Management

Document governance involves the effective handling of documents to support business objectives, often referred to as corporate housekeeping. This encompasses tasks like managing board minutes and entity records, which are crucial in the digital age where documents are increasingly electronic and multi-functional. Despite advancements, these processes are still plagued by friction, delays, and manual efforts. 

Digital document governance, when fully implemented, can be likened to an entity’s “documentation biome,” containing its governance and functional narrative. Properly designed and managed, it creates a seamless process around your documentation ecosystem. 

Challenges in this digital transformation include: 1) Disparate systems and document owners complicate document access and discovery, 2) lack of stakeholder collaboration causes delays and errors, 3) and inefficient administrative processes waste time and resources.

These issues can impact the quality, credibility, and timing of governance, negatively affecting business performance. A 2021 Wakefield Research survey of 1,000 office professionals revealed that 57% ranked finding files and documents as a top problem. A McKinsey report noted that employees spend 1.8 hours daily—9.3 hours per week—searching for information, equating to a 20% loss in productivity. 

Review of ContractZen 

I evaluated ContractZen, designed to streamline historically inefficient processes like due diligence, board meetings, entity management, contract management, and general document storage. In our current global landscape, efficient governance and document management are critical. Regulations, reporting and the need for documentation and the interconnection between are important.  ContractZen serves as a comprehensive platform tailored to these needs.

ContractZen offers power and ease of use in: 

  • Audit, regulatory compliance, and due diligence preparation.

  • Policy and procedure maintenance.

  • Stakeholder collaboration and communication. 

Every documentation process involves three major steps: 1) naming and storing, 2) discovery, and 3) usage, each fraught with challenges like the time wasted on disparate systems during discovery, lack of coordination during usage, unsatisfied internal and external documentation demands. 

Our review of ContractZen highlights its benefits: 

  • Instant discovery and identification of all documents through a single platform.

  • Multiple integrated governance usages for the same document, meeting various requirements efficiently.

  • Enhanced governance through digitalization and automation.

ContractZen's AI Assistant, powered by Azure OpenAI, significantly enhances governance document management.  Its metadata extraction speeds up importing and ensures accurate tagging, making search and reporting more efficient.  And the ability to analyze documents directly within the application, right when you need to, is powerful.  Having an AI Assistant that is perfectly tailored for documentation summarization, knowledge sharing and analysis leverages some of the best features of generative AI today. The document analysis feature provides clear insights, can identify potential risks, which is invaluable for legal and compliance teams. It also offers reliable governance and compliance advice, robust multilingual support for translating documents, and personalized assistance for drafting tailored contract clauses.

Overall, the AI Assistant felt like having an expert on hand, streamlining processes, reducing errors, and maintaining high standards, making it a highly recommended addition to any organization’s toolkit.

After spending time evaluating the application, it’s clear that ContractZen significantly streamlines administrative processes. Its intuitive interface and features facilitate rapid and effective handling of contracts and critical documents, reducing operational burdens and freeing resources for strategic initiatives.  It can save time.

ContractZen excels in enhancing governance practices.  The capabilities in document management such as being able to store, tag, search and connect with ease and its secure data handling promote high standards of compliance and risk mitigation. It is an application that is designed to be the hub and knowledge source for an entity's most important documentation and board administrative processes.  These features ensure that organizations maintain accurate and secure governance procedures and audit trails, supporting overall organizational integrity.

Moreover, ContractZen contributes positively to an organization’s reputation. By ensuring efficient and effective document management and easy access, it fosters transparency and accountability. This not only meets stakeholder expectations but also builds trust with clients, auditors and regulators.



In essence, ContractZen is a strategic tool that boosts the efficiency, security, and reliability of your document management system.  Using an application with ContractZen's capability reflects a commitment to high-quality governance practices, offering a competitive advantage in maintaining effective and trustworthy operations and a path toward building a strong documentation ecosystem.