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12 Reasons Why Use Electronic Signature

Studies tell us that leaders around the world are using tens of hours per month in email or paper-based processes. Deep inside you know that you could use this time to accomplish something important. Things get worse every day you delay fixing the way you work.

We have 12 good reasons why you as a leader, should invest in electronic signature software and stop wasting your precious time. When you’re fixing your way of working, you should do it right. It’ll be easier and cheaper in both the short and the long run.

Why use electronic signature?

  1. It’s easier for your clients to sign electronically than getting the physical signature to you. None of the hassle, fully digital. When buying is made easy, you’ll sell more.
  2. Signing electronically ensures that your competitors don't have a second shot at the deal in between you sending it and the client signing. A closed sale is a closed sale only after signing and electronic signing retains your edge.
  3. Signing your management or board meeting minutes electronically makes the process fast and secure. E-signature takes minutes at most and you can rest assured that all the signatures are safe.
  4. E-signing can be done on a mobile phone or iPad. Even if the counter-party does not have time to print and sign, they often have time to sign on a mobile device. It's easier than replying to an email.

Why use an integrated electronic signature software?

  1. With electronic signatures your team will never start before it’s time. Everyone involved will see the current status of the contract from the system without you needing to be involved.
  2. Large-scale rollouts are easier when the product solves all the important challenges related to contract & document management, meeting management, and e-signing in one shot.
  3. An integrated electronic signature is a feature everyone benefits from, even if contract management is not on his or her to-do list. You’ll have more helping you get the programme implemented.
  4. Neither the client nor the salesman can edit the document with pen marks at the signing stage. What you sent for signing is what gets signed. Compliance and processes are not circumvented at the last minute and profitability is maintained.
  5. By saving the original word documents and the signed copies to the contract and document management system, you can use the system as a repository of what has been agreed to and a repository of potential templates for future contracts. Nothing is as depressing as retyping a contract you only have as a paper copy or a scanned document.
  6. Signing does not require separate procurement effort. Once you acquire an integrated system for your most important documents, you get the signing part as well.
  7. The same metadata is used for both signing and managing the important documents. Nothing needs to be entered twice and what gets signed is also what gets stored in the system.
  8. There is nothing new to learn or support in an integrated system (like ContractZen). No new user accounts or passwords to fiddle around with.

Electronic signature is a feature, not a product.