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ATM mobile, Inc., headquartered in Newport Beach, California, US,  is a financial software startup dedicated to empowering users to control and monetize their personal data. As a developer of advanced algorithms and tagging technology, the company specializes in tracking user data and capturing microtransactions., Inc.'s innovative technology is designed to fuel data monetization, enabling users to profit from their digital actions. Currently, the company proudly serves a growing base of over 800,000 users.

The Challenge

As, Inc. navigated through periods of rapid growth and mergers, the organization recognized the need to overhaul its contract and file management system. The rapid pace of product development had left contract management in a state of disarray - a situation that needed immediate attention for the company's long-term strategic planning.

The Solution & Benefits

The adoption of ContractZen marked a significant improvement in, Inc.’s contract management processes. The ability to efficiently manage contracts allowed the company to better handle its contractual obligations and avoid the pitfalls of auto-renewing agreements.


"I've been thoroughly impressed with ContractZen’s stability and reliability. It's a great system that consistently meets our needs. On the rare occasions when I encountered an issue, whether it was an error or a sorting problem, the customer support team was exceptional. They were incredibly responsive and proactive in addressing my concerns. It's reassuring to know that such dedicated support is just a call away, complementing the already robust system", says Bill Topaz, the Chief Administrative Officer,, Inc.

Key Features Values in ContractZen:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The company valued the intuitive nature of ContractZen, which required minimal training and was easy to implement.
  • Efficient Contract Management: ContractZen provided a robust solution to manage the company's extensive portfolio of contracts. This efficiency helped in addressing issues like unnoticed auto-renewals, leading to better contract oversight and cost savings. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Aligning with the company's fiscal prudence, especially regarding software investments, ContractZen presented an affordable yet high-quality option.
  • Reliable Platform Stability: The stability and reliability of ContractZen's platform were crucial to, Inc., ensuring smooth day-to-day operations without technical interruptions.
  • Responsive Customer Support: The company highly valued the prompt and effective customer support provided by ContractZen, which played a key role in maintaining operational continuity.
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement:, Inc. appreciated ContractZen’s dedication to regularly updating and improving their platform, reflecting a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction., Inc.'s experience with ContractZen highlights the transformative impact of choosing the right software solutions in managing critical business operations. The success story of ContractZen at, Inc. demonstrates how a well-chosen tool can bring about efficiency, cost savings, and improved operational control, making it a compelling choice for similar businesses facing contract management challenges.

"We're delighted by, Inc.'s success with ContractZen,” says Sam Narkia, Sales Director at ContractZen. “Their experience showcases the practical benefits of our efficient and user-friendly contract management system. Their significant time and cost savings, along with our strong customer support and platform reliability, reflect our commitment to enhancing business operations. We're proud to see our solution driving real impact and look forward to helping more businesses achieve similar results."