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Mia Ahlström to become the new chair of the board at ContractZen Ltd

An experienced leader and board professional, Mia Ahlström, has been chosen as the chair of the board of directors at Finnish software company ContractZen Ltd.


Mia Ahlstrom s


Mia Ahlström has 30 years of experience in management in both Finland and abroad and over 10 years of experience in board membership in international business.

Before becoming a consultant and board professional, Mia Ahlström was a member of the executive management team of IKEA USA as Executive Vice President. She has vast experience leading several business transformations, organizations, and strategy processes in an international business environment.

“To appreciate and ensure diversity as well as to empower people for their full potential are vital capabilities in leadership cultures as the business environment is becoming global. I believe that the keys to successful transformations are getting people engaged in the change, a genuine feeling of inclusiveness, and a willingness to share responsibilities.", says Mia Ahlström.

"The ability to work in the digital environment is becoming more important, which supports diversity. The ContractZen board portal is a perfect example of this as it enables access to the needed information, enables good governance, and allows being in contact no matter where in the world the board members are and when they are able to contribute. It is a privilege to be a part of this growth story and at the same time help businesses globally to grow and develop.” continues Ahlström. 

“We have been lucky to strengthen our board with Mia. She has experience in noticing growth potential and ensuring success. ContractZen has always emphasized human-centric thinking and exceptional customer experience, and getting Mia on our board makes us even stronger in these dimensions,” says ContractZen CEO Markus Mikola.

“My passion is to ensure success via human-centric leadership with the ambition to create exceptional employee and customer experience,” states Mia.

We’d like to welcome Mia warmly!