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ContractZen joins CloudBlue’s Partner Program 

We are glad to announce that we have today - together with 13 amazing software developers - joined CloudBlue’s new Go-To-Market program accelerating end-to-end product market launches. This program includes virtual showrooms and provides insights not currently available in the market, including unparalleled access to customer growth and consumption information. 

“Who is your ideal customer? When are they buying? What are they buying? These are core questions that have been difficult to answer in the past”, said Tarik Faouzi, senior vice president of CloudBlue.

“Today, I am pleased to announce that our program offers these important insights and more at the click of a button. Our GTM Fast-Track program is now even better designed to empower vendors to overcome challenges and build the broadest possible network of partners. We look forward to working with these companies to grow their capabilities to build sustainable and scalable businesses.” 

Improved provider business model 

CloudBlue’s GTM Fast-Track offers a solution to outdated provider business models and processes that have been a constant impediment to business growth during the pandemic. By successfully digitizing the GTM process, CloudBlue has effectively and efficiently reduced the costs for IP owners, while accelerating the time-to-revenue by up to 50% for cloud service providers with targeted campaign sprints.

“Improved strategy, channel mapping, business development, multi-vendor value proposition execution, and value-proposition led sales enablement are all delivered through the GTM Fast-Track program”, said Aleksander Cvetkovski, director, GTM & Acceleration Services. “We’ve identified customer pain points and addressed them directly.” 

“Our customers say that ContractZen is affordable and very intuitive to use. And as such, our solution fits for the program like this. Our cloud solution is an excellent choice for any service provider”, says Markus Mikola, CEO and Founder of ContractZen.

13 New Partners  

Altogether 13 new partners have joined ‘version 2.0’ of the fully automated program. We are proud to be among this amazing group of companies.
Below is the list of all 13 companies:   

Acronis, AvePoint, Confiva, ContractZen, CWS, Cypherdog, Fractalia, FreshBooks, Hostopia, Netsweeper, Odix, Rushfiles, TeamViewer.

Launch Event 22nd July  

Version 2.0 of the GTM Fast-Track program will be unveiled on July 22nd during the GTM Fast-Track Event, an online conference that officially kicks-off the launch of the new program. The event, which features Tarik Faouzi, senior vice president; Darek Tasak, executive director Business Development; and Aleksander Cvetkovski, director, GTM & Acceleration Services, will discuss identifying and qualifying the right opportunities for Cloud Service Providers, and will enable providers to create strategic partnerships and accelerate business opportunities with CloudBlue.

Event details can be found here: