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ContractZen Makes Deploying Enterprise Software As Easy As Installing

ContractZen’s Governance Software is Among The First of 20 Products That Can Be Purchased from Microsoft’s New Commerce-Enabled Marketplaces

Microsoft Inspire – Las Vegas, Nevada. – July 15, 2019 – ContractZen today announced that its SaaS-based solution for board meetings and contract management is one of the first 20 products available for purchase directly from Microsoft AppSource and other commercial marketplaces where millions of companies shop for business software.

ContractZen’s presence in Microsoft’s commercial marketplaces means that companies can now buy and start using ContractZen’s enterprise-grade SaaS solution as easily as one installs a consumer mobile app from Google Play or Apple App Store. ContractZen is ready-to-use and available here:

“Just like the app stores forever changed how we get new software onto our mobile phones, we see the ability to purchase ContractZen and other SaaS solutions directly within the AppSource as a similar game-changing event for B2B software,” said Markus Mikola, Founder and CEO of ContractZen Ltd. “Microsoft’s commerce-enabled marketplaces give us global-scale awareness and distribution, and customers can find and buy our software from one trusted source. In addition, ContractZen can be sold via Microsoft’s direct sales force and Microsoft’s 70,000 cloud resellers.”

ContractZen customers can manage their software licenses to ContractZen and other vendors all from a single system, and ContractZen and all other SaaS solutions on the Microsoft commerce platform are optimized to work seamlessly with other Microsoft software technologies and environments.

“We’re pleased to see innovative solutions like ContractZen’s, which is built on Microsoft Azure, adding immediate value to the commercial marketplaces. This is exactly the type of technology solution that our enterprise customers are searching for, and it helps our sales reps be more successful in helping customers,” said Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, Microsoft AppSource Product Marketing.

About ContractZen

ContractZen ( is a Finnish cloud technology company founded in 2014. The all-in-one SaaS solution includes metadata-driven contract management, an all-digital board portal, virtual data rooms (VDR), secure e-signatures, and more. Secure and easy to use on any device, it improves corporate governance and business operations by reducing costs, accelerating processes, and minimizing risks. The company has customers in over 30 countries and offices in Helsinki and Palo Alto.


Mark Addison
Rocket Science, on behalf of ContractZen
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