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ContractZen powers the growth of a rapidly scaling taxi company

The largest family business in Finland's domestic taxi industry is growing rapidly. MenevĂ€ is an incredible growth story – driven by a staff of around 100 people and a group of over 1,000 taxi drivers with a total of around 1,500 taxis. The company operates almost nationwide, serving customers from Hanko to Ivalo. Key factors in MenevĂ€'s growth include the company's successful strategy, its agile decision-making process, and the choice to support growth through digitization. MenevĂ€ chose ContractZen's contract management solution to be an integral part of its digitization process.

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Superior service provision is the goal  

Superior service provision is a must for success in the taxi industry. This served as a starting point for MenevÀ's growth strategy, which has resulted in swift growth. Digitization of the company's administrative processes was part of this equation. Contract management was tackled first.

A critical starting point

In the early stages of MenevÀ's growth, almost 500 new contracts needed to be drawn up and signed within just a few months. To further complicate matters, these new contracts were with our new taxi driver partners, who were located all over Finland. A manual contract management process would have made the task impossible.

MenevĂ€ Arto-modified"Our growth rate is incredible – our entire operation has multiplied in size in just a few years. In practice, the taxi drivers who provide services to our end customers are our subcontractors," explains Arto Peisa, Director of Sales & Marketing at MenevĂ€.

"Each taxi driver has a valid MenevÀ YstÀvÀ (MenevÀ Friend) contract, which is supplemented with new appendices as needed.

For example, when we win a public tender for a new ride type, such as inter-province rides sponsored by Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, the driver's contract needs to be amended."

"The big challenge here was that we needed a system where we could roll out such changes very quickly at a regional level. It was clear that we needed a digital tool for managing contracts, and ContractZen was ready for the challenge."

MenevÀ chose ContractZen's digital contract management: the contracts are sent out into the field where the driver signs them electronically using their personal mobile phone.

The solution's quick roll-out and ease of use were also important factors for MenevÀ. There was simply no time for a heavy IT project.

An agile tool for everyday work and improved growth

Our largest group of users is regional managers operating all over Finland, i.e., taxi management. They have now already used ContractZen to manage thousands of subcontracting contracts. Regional managers make sure that contracts and their eventual amendments are signed on time and saved for later use.

MenevÀ headquarters is, of course, in charge of the final contract process and makes sure that the contracts are properly stored and easy to find. ContractZen's solution is also used for managing other contract types, including employment contracts and partnership agreements. At MenevÀ headquarters, ContractZen is used daily by about 20 employees.

"I really can't see that this kind of growth – an over tenfold increase in the number of drivers in just a few years – would have been manageable without a digital tool that has proper search features and reminds you if a contract is expiring and needs to be replaced with a new one," says Arto Peisa.

"A definite plus is the fact that all contracts are automatically transferred to the archive where every stakeholder can find them. For example, if our financial department needs to check a contract's validity or some other detail, the information is easy to find."

"This has made me reflect on my own work some 10-15 years in the past, and I can't help but wonder: Why weren't these things available then? Life would have been so much easier."

ContractZen strongly recommended to companies seeking growth

“Absolutely! I strongly urge every company to consider ContractZen. Cooperation with ContractZen has been really smooth, and the product itself works like a charm. We have had little to no need for technical support", says Arto Peisa.

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