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Kiron Interactive, the Leading Virtual Sports Provider, Chooses ContractZen

Established in 2001, Kiron Interactive is a global technology and software company that specializes in the development and supply of leading virtual sports and numbers games, delivering unparalleled player experiences in over 60 countries and across five continents. It has won many industry awards over the years for its efforts, including Best Virtual Sports Supplier of the Year at the EGR B2B Awards in 2021 and 2022, as well as being named Compliance Technology Provider of the Year at the prestigious EGR Italy Awards in 2023.

Kiron’s commitment to commercial and regulatory compliance

Prior to collaborating with ContractZen, Kiron Interactive proactively pursued robust regulatory compliance measures. Recognizing the paramount importance of adherence to industry regulations and standards within the virtual gaming sector, Kiron took the initiative to streamline its contract management processes. The objective was to establish a centralized, legally sound contract repository that seamlessly facilitated cross-departmental navigation.

Moreover, Kiron demonstrated a commitment to enhancing its governance by exploring innovative digitization strategies. The aim was to bolster cost-efficiency, mitigate risks, and elevate operational excellence.


Reason for Choosing ContractZen Governance Suite

Kiron's selection of ContractZen was driven by the need for a solution that addressed multiple organizational needs. ContractZen stood out for its ease of use, the customization capabilities of its strong metadata-driven contract management, and the potential for fostering further innovation through co-operation. 


Kiron Peyton ContractZenContractZen’s offering meets more than just a single need. In addition to the strong contract management solution, ContractZen’s Board Portal and Legal Entity Management software offer a strong promise to enable more efficient governance and better transparency. In today’s competitive environment, these are key for our resilience and success."
Peyton Uys, Legal Manager, Kiron Interactive

Impact of Collaboration  

The collaboration with ContractZen marked a turning point for Kiron Interactive. The implementation of ContractZen's solutions facilitated enhanced company-wide collaboration and efficient monitoring of commercial and regulatory compliance. Departments across Kiron eagerly anticipated the full deployment of ContractZen's offerings, recognizing the potential for these tools to improve their operations and foster more efficient collaboration.

Kiron Interactive's experience with ContractZen has been overwhelmingly positive, leading them to highly recommend ContractZen's solutions.

We absolutely recommend ContractZen! It is a fantastic solution which should not be kept as a secret."
Peyton Uys, Legal Manager, Kiron Interactive

"ContractZen is thrilled to have partnered with Kiron Interactive, and we extend our deepest gratitude to them for entrusting us with supporting their incredible growth journey. Kiron's remarkable expansion and success in the virtual gaming industry is a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to excellence," says Sam Narkia, Sales Director at ContractZen.

"It's an honor for us at ContractZen to contribute to their evolving story and to assist in streamlining their operations for even greater achievements. We look forward to a continued partnership that fosters innovation and operational excellence." 



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