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Siili Solutions chose ContractZen contract management solution

One of the leading Finnish software companies, Siili Solutions PLC, has grown by an average annual rate of 40% since 2010. Along with the rapid growth, the number of contracts has increased massively. To support this growth, Siili chose ContractZen's cloud-based service as their contract management solution after comparing available options.

Siili expands rapidly in Finland and internationally. They have operations in Helsinki, Oulu, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and Wroclaw. Siili’s key development goals related to contract management were to access business information quickly and enable electronic signing. When salespeople, customer service, and other key personnel have immediate access to the right contract information and they can use electronic signatures, the benefits are massive.

"Our growth strategy requires strong customer focus. When the customer service personnel have immediate access to the information they need, the quality of customer service remains high," says Seppo Takanen, CIO of Siili Solutions PLC.

"The main challenges with our previous solutions were, for example, that finding contracts was constantly difficult. There was no way to categorize the contracts to support our day-to-day business. In addition, tracking of signatures was challenging: contracts were constantly forgotten to wait for the signature. One key reason for choosing ContractZen was the easiness of electronic signing," Takanen continues.

"It's great to get involved with a forerunner company like Siili. Their success is based on agile and open business models, as well as employee and customer prioritization. ContractZen is easy to use and can be taken into use immediately. These facts ensure that the service can be incorporated into Siili's daily business operations rapidly," says Markus Mikola, Managing Director of ContractZen.

In recent years, Siili has also grown through mergers & acquisitions. These situations require input from a large number of people, and lots of documents and contracts are involved. ContractZen also supports these situations by introducing additional tools for Due Diligence, such as Virtual Data Rooms (VDR).

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