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ContractZen Is a Gold Medalist in Board Management Data Quadrant

ContractZen was named an official Gold Medalist and considered among the best in software experience in the recently published Board Management Data Quadrant Report by a leading analyst company InfoTech/SoftwareReviews. According to this fresh research, today’s board management software is primarily addressing two key issues: managing increased regulatory scrutiny and maintaining the focus on the corporate mission while securing actions from boards to achieve those goals.

“At ContractZen we know our customer organizations need action from their boards to drive their mission for growth and value creation. We are committed to that exact same cause, and we are humbled to see our users recognize us for efforts to connect with them deeply as we are named a gold medalist in the 2021 SoftwareReviews Board Management Data Quadrant Report”, says Markus Mikola, CEO and Founder of ContractZen. Read more on the Board Management Award Page.

This comprehensive report is unique as the results involve gathering intelligence directly from our users on their satisfaction with both product features and their experience with our organization. Aggregated emotional response ratings are included in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, and strategy and innovation to create a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and its product – all from the software users’ point of view. SoftwareReviews calls this insight the Net Emotional Footprint.

“Selecting top software vendors is becoming an increasingly transparent and data-led process,” says David Piazza, President of SoftwareReviews. “SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant provides a total view of the performance of a software vendor, from core features and capabilities to the important client-vendor relationship, what we call the Emotional Footprint. Vendors who have a strong Net Emotional Footprint in the category demonstrate they have been successful at building strong relationships with their customers.”

The 2021 Board Management SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant report shows that ContractZen outperforms other vendors in the following areas of vendor capabilities:

  • Business value created,
  • Ease of implementation, and
  • Usability and intuitiveness.

We cannot be prouder and more humbled to hear what our customers say about us. ContractZen’s solutions are developed together with our customers and partners, and we will continue to do so. With continuous product innovation, we will continue to offer stellar customer service to our users. Our customer service team is very committed.

To summarize what ContractZen has to offer for every board professional, here are the top three benefits we continue to work with:

  1. Offering easy-to-use governance tools for C-level executives, to improve decision-making accuracy and help them in the company’s growth ambitions
  2. Our customers gain value-creating business opportunities with improved transparency and operations support
  3. Drive secure digital transformation for future-proofness. Digitizing your board and executive meetings is an excellent step.

“Owners, executives, investors, and boards can sleep better when the company is always due diligence ready. And to do that, companies need modern tools for the C-level. Our mission is to support the modernization of the board work. Board meeting management and its administrative routines take time and attention away from the value delivering work of the board. What makes me very proud is that our customers are very happy with us. Their likeliness to recommend is 93% and full 100% of the interviewed customers were planning to renew their subscription”, says Markus Mikola, Founder and CEO of ContractZen.

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