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Data Room Index, MeetingBook Improvements and PwC Cooperation

We are extremely proud to announce our cooperation with PwC Finland. They will provide ContractZen, under the name of MyFiles, to their customers to help them improve business efficiencies and promote good corporate governance.


PwC Finland is offering MyFiles as part of their digital MyBusiness workspace, which provides a new improved way for companies to manage their audit, tax, legal, and other consulting needs.

Data Room Index

Many times in the due diligence situations, companies are required to file all of their documents according to a certain preset index. ContractZen has now created a new groundbreaking data room index view feature to the Virtual Data Rooms to help your due diligence processes.

You can now tag all your documents (contracts, board meeting minutes, financial documents, etc.) with a Common Tag, and when you need to share your documents, just create a data room and the Index View page shows you automatically all the materials in the data room indexed according to the Common Tags (in alphabetical order).


MeetingBook Works Now with Office Files

The MeetingBook now not only combines the agenda and all the PDFs, but also all commonly used Office document formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT, and OpenOffice attachments into one PDF.

The meeting attendees can use the MeetingBook feature to easily review the board meeting agenda and all of its attachments, and make annotations by using the built-in tools of Adobe Acrobat.


Transfer Pricing: Copy as New Feature

You can now save your precious time and copy your existing Transfer Pricing document and create a duplicate. The new document has the same metadata as the original but lack, of course, the attachments.