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ContractZen Service Update - November 2016

We just took a big leap forward towards our vision as we launched the new version of the service. The version includes a new user interface with a fresh design, lots of improvements, and most importantly the integrated e-Signature and Dataroom (VDR) services. We warmly welcome you to try out ContractZen 2.0!

e-Sign contracts and meeting memos

We partnered with Assently, a leading e-Signature software company from Sweden to bring you amazingly simple and secure ways to sign your documents easily and securely. Documents signed using the service have the same legal validity and enforceability as traditionally signed documents. In the future, we will integrate more e-signature providers to ContractZen. All our partners are fully compliant with EU and US legislation, which confirms the legality of electronic signatures. You can purchase a package that suits your needs from the new ContractZen Store.

Dataroom (VDR) now available from the Store

Share documents easily and securely with our advanced VDR service for example in financial and tax audits, due diligence processes, and joint venture situations. We offer now two different packages for you to choose from: Simple Dataroom is Free for 30 days and after that, the monthly fee is 9 euros (+VAT). This subscription includes 5 users. The Advanced Dataroom subscription (45€ per month for up to 30 users) is designed for more demanding situations with extended access control with Access Groups.

Other new features

  • You can now arrange the attachments in whatever order you like. When reviewing a document, click the Edit button and change the order of attachments by using the visible handle. You can also use this to determine the order of documents when you are sending an agreement for signing.
  • You can now link documents to each other. For example, when adding a new purchase contract, link it to the frame agreement for quick access.
  • New Inbox-feature: emails you send to will now be available in the Inbox, which you can access from the header bar. From there you can import the email as well as the attachments to your active account.
  • New color theme: The Red Violet. Try it out by switching the theme from your User page. You can also choose to include a background photo if you like.

Visit our Ideas and Requests Forum

You are welcome to give your feedback and share your improvement ideas. Just click the Question Mark -icon in the header bar. In the Forum you can add your ideas or change requests or even vote for the ideas from other users. We have already implemented many of your requests and look forward to your new ideas!