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Muth Company Accelerates Due Diligence Readiness with ContractZen

Muth Mirrors

Muth Company, WI, USA, a global leader in mirror-based LED safety technology, is at the forefront of the automotive active safety industry. With production facilities in North America and China, Muth is committed to revolutionizing safety solutions and reducing accidents through innovative technology. The quest for an all-encompassing governance solution led Muth Company to ContractZen Governance Suite.


Facing the Due Diligence Challenge

As Muth Company geared up for an upcoming due diligence process, a series of challenges threatened to impede their progress. The scattered nature of crucial documents across desk drawers and shared drives, the absence of a reliable reminder system for vital contractual deadlines, and the dire need for a Virtual Data Room (VDR) for seamless due diligence processes underscored the urgency for a robust solution.

Moreover, the organization of legal entities and associated governance documents was a substantial task awaiting resolution.

Achieving Efficiency and Due Diligence Readiness with ContractZen

Among the myriad of options explored, ContractZen emerged as the frontrunner that promised to address all of Muth Company’s distinctive needs without stretching their budget. The flawless integration between document and contract storage with the VDR particularly caught their attention as it eliminated the non-value added task of transferring documents between different storage solutions. Furthermore, the assurance of being reminded of crucial contractual deadlines by ContractZen was a significant value-add.

ContractZen was the only solution we came across that addressed all our needs in an affordable solution",
Dave Simon, Chief Financial Officer, Muth Company

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The collaboration embarked with an initial phase demanding concerted effort in uploading and categorizing documents. As the digital transformation unfolded, the ease of document retrieval became palpable. The automated reminder system ensured no crucial deadlines slipped through the cracks.

Muth Company now operates in a state of perpetual readiness for due diligence, able to establish a new VDR in ContractZen and initiate document sharing with third parties in mere minutes. This enhanced efficiency not only streamlined processes but also underscored the company's unwavering dedication to transparency and operational agility.


Reflecting on ContractZen's Impact  

In reflection, the synergy between Muth Company and ContractZen has redrafted the narrative on document management and due diligence preparation for Muth Company. The integrated solutions, cost-effective services, and streamlined processes courtesy of ContractZen have not only resolved the initial challenges but also propelled Muth Company into a realm of enhanced operational efficiency.

The narrative of Muth Company’s journey delineates a successful transition from a state of disarray to a realm of streamlined document management and continual readiness for due diligence, setting a precedent for other players in the automotive industry.

ContractZen solves multiple needs without being overly complicated and doesn’t require someone from IT to administer.  Nothing else quite like it in the marketplace. We’d probably need two or three separate solutions to replace everything that ContractZen does for us."
Dave Simon, Chief Financial Officer, Muth Company

The strong endorsement from Muth Company is a resonant testimony to ContractZen’s prowess in delivering a comprehensive, affordable, and user-friendly solution. The simplicity and efficiency of ContractZen's interface have obliterated the need for IT expertise for administration, carving a niche in a crowded marketplace.

"Muth Company's journey with ContractZen is a great testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and practical solutions to our valued clients. We are thrilled to have played a crucial role in helping them streamline their document management, improve due diligence processes, and enhance their overall organizational efficiency", says Markus Mikola, CEO of ContractZen. "Muth Company's unique position as a global leader in active safety blind spot detection aligns perfectly with our mission to provide versatile and user-friendly solutions to organizations, regardless of their industry or size. We look forward to continuing our journey with Muth Company, helping them achieve their goals."


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Muth is a leading supplier of mirror-based blind spot detection displays to the global light vehicle market. The company designs and manufactures a low-cost, highly technical in-glass LED application for exterior mirrors that notifies drivers when a vehicle is in the blind spot.